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How does BusTracks maximize the transportation reimbursement?

BusTracks is the only software that follows the Pennsylvania guidelines for calculating mileage allowance and utilized passenger capacity miles. BusTracks tracks actual odometer miles for each bus run instead of map-generated street-address miles like other software, and tracks the greatest number of riders by bus per day, not just a sample average. Map-generated miles do not take into account campus driveways, parking lots, and hill and valley mileage. Even small increases in reported mileage or allowable riders can mean big increases in your reimbursement.

Is BusTracks easy to install?

When Bus Tracks is installed, it will be up-and-running immediately. Prior to installation, we require 3-4 weeks to convert student information from any school district attendance system, and bus information if available in spreadsheet or database format.

Is BusTracks integrated with mapping software?

BusTracks integrates with a powerful, nationwide map from DeLorme, not just a district-wide map like other software. With BusTracks, if you transport students outside your district, you do not need to purchase additional maps for your mapping requirements. The DeLorme maps are updated yearly, and may be user customized.

BusTracks is not dependent on the map to maintain route or stop information, thus simplifying daily route maintenance. Maps are used for visual clarity and confirmation of routes, and for analyzing potential changes in routes or school boundaries. With BusTracks you have the best of both worlds; dynamic bus, route, and rider tracking in BusTracks with full feature maps.

Does BusTracks optimize bus routes?

Student address and bus stop information in BusTracks easily integrates with the map. Our mapping system will “optimize” a single route from stop locations loaded on the map. It allows the user to update the suggested route, reroute around detours or hazardous roads, and add and delete stops. This is done one route at a time. It is not designed to optimize all stops onto multiple routes. Rather, it focuses only on those routes in question to present a solution that promotes clarity and confirmation of routes, and to analyze potential changes in routes or school boundaries without impacting existing routes.

How does BusTracks handle transfers?

BusTracks allows an unlimited number of transfers to parochial, private, or other schools in the district. Also, these transfers can be scheduled on any combination of days during the week.

Does BusTracks interface with student attendance systems?

BusTracks interfaces with all attendance software programs to provide on-demand updates. A proprietary feature in BusTracks allows the user to define the exact fields of information to be downloaded from the attendance system.

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