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Is it possible to increase your Transportation Subsidy…and save time?
June 6th, 2016

Let us show you how with the exclusive BusTracks® transportation management software that was designed specifically for PA schools.

BusTracks has been described as “worth its weight in gold”, if only for its time-saving, subsidy-increasing reporting and tracking capabilities. Even those often under-reported special trips are included in BusTracks’ electronic upload function to feed directly into PDE’s eTran website.

BusTracks offers a proprietary, multiple-school calendar system that makes it simple to document actual bus usage, and an analysis function to report the highest allowable mileage and ridership statistics to maximize your transportation subsidy.

The exclusive audit trail function makes it easy to validate every student’s start and end ridership dates and secures that information for convenient access in future years.

To ensure full documented credit for all students transported during a given year, even withdrawn students are kept in the system to protect their transportation records for future audits.

And, since BusTracks was designed for PA schools and their auditors, the system makes it easy to retrieve information for past years quickly and accurately.

Let us show you how BusTracks can meet your District’s transportation management needs AND how quickly and easily it can be implemented.


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