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Testimonials from our current customers.

Our clients are business, transportation, and facility professionals at public and private schools, Intermediate Units, and Vocational-Technical Schools. They perform many vital operations for their educational institutions – directing the financial processes for small to multimillion-dollar organizations; transporting school children, technical students, and special needs children; and managing sometimes more than a hundred school district facilities. Their common thread is their use of Advanced Management Software, LLC, systems to accomplish these tasks smoothly and accurately. Our clients have all played a role in developing these software packages, by offering their suggestions and advice. That’s where AMS excels – our commitment to listen to customers and to serve their needs.


Lauren Mundinger, Transportation Secretary

– Jim Thorpe Area School District, says…

“BusTracks is a wonderful program to work with. It lets you make changes easily so my bus rosters are always accurate. The best part (for me) is that every year I would dread doing the state report, but with BusTracks, the state reports are a breeze!”


Pat Retchloff, Transportation Secretary

– Penncrest School District, says…

“I have been using Bus Tracks since 2005. Before we started to use the program I was embarrassed that I couldn’t tell people which bus would pick up their children or what time the bus would be there. Now I access the Bus Tracks program and the information is there to answer those questions and much more. I don’t know how you can effectively run a transportation department without the help of this program. The people at Advanced Management Software are VERY patient and helpful.”


Sandy Dobrowolski, Transportation Director

– Susquehanna Township School District, says…

“The BusTracks program makes tracking the students and routes so easy. I can give new students and their parents information about their bus assignment at the click of a mouse. If there is a problem while the bus is out, I can tell just about where it is located by checking the BusTracks system.
BusTracks keeps track of the dates when students begin and end riding the bus, and it rolls over the graduating seniors and students leaving one building to go to another. Most of the time, it even assigns them to the new bus. I have all the information pertaining to each bus right at my fingertips. When it is time to do reports for the state, all of the information has already been collected in the BusTracks program. This makes filing reports less stressful. ”


Stacey Plowman, Transportation Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

– Oil City Area School District, says…

“I have worked with BusTracks for over 11 years. I have never used any other transportation software and have no interest in looking for something different! BusTracks does everything I need it to do and the customer service when I have a question or need assistance is awesome! I have used the etracks for uploading the state report and what a wonderful feature this is! It is so easy to use and makes the state report less stressful. BusTracks makes student transportation manageable!”


Jack Bierling, Supervisor of Transportation

– Upper Darby School District, says…

“I have had a unique experience with working with BusTracks. I came over to transportation from the maintenance department. I really did not know too much about BusTracks. But two of the people that work in our department showed me how easy the system was to work. Within a little time they had me learning the system and working with it. I was amazed how user friendly the system really is to work on. The system has really helped us with our end of the year report for the state. But most of all, they are constantly improving on an already good product.”


Kim Byassee, Transportation Coordinator

– Hamburg Area School District, says…

“I have been in this position at the Hamburg Area School District for about five years now. BusTracks has made the transition very easy. Although it was already set up, we have worked with our attendance/child accounting system so that the two systems will communicate, and updating transportation from attendance is a breeze. There are many other features that make record keeping simple, resulting in accurate state reporting. The support that BusTracks offers is great!”

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