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eTracks Reporting System

Larger reimbursements, and easier on you.

BusTracks™ is the only system on the market that offers etracks™, our fully-automated process for preparing and submitting the transportation subsidy report. Because BusTracks etracks automatically creates the PDE-1049 EOY Transportation Report upload file and audit check reports, it takes minutes, not days, to complete this report.

The BusTracks eTracks process:

  • Captures ALL subsidy elements in a single system
  • Creates report in minutes, not days
  • Eliminates manual data entry errors
  • Provides automatic data entry into PDE eTran system using upload file
  • Produces detailed audit check reports

BusTracks eTracks is designed to maximize your pupil transportation reimbursement by following the Pennsylvania guidelines for:

  • Capturing actual odometer mileage to calculate approved daily miles
  • Determining utilized passenger capacity miles
  • Tracking actual number of school days for both public and non-public schools
  • Tracking activity bus miles, riders, and days
  • Tracking layover and congested hours allowance

Paying attention to the details of the transportation reimbursement report has allowed BusTracks users to realize an average 7% to 9% greater reimbursement than non-users for the past two years. For the average Pennsylvania school district, this represents an additional $40,000+ in additional revenue.

The BusTracks etracks process also links to BusTracks GPS PLUS™ – for new solutions using GPS technology. Using BusTracks GPS PLUS and BusTracks etracks together makes the transportation subsidy reporting process paperless.

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