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Student Transportation Software

Software that just makes sense.

BusTracks Software™ is a uniquely designed product for managing the details of the TOTAL transportation process: route, rider, driver, vehicle/contract, mileage, calendar, activity bus, map information, and Commonwealth reimbursement requirements.

Transportation management and the Commonwealth’s transportation reimbursement process is becoming an increasingly important, but often overlooked, funding issue with many school districts. With school transportation costs being the second largest item on a typical school budget, managing the total transportation process, including cash flow and the transportation reimbursement, is critical for today’s school business managers. BusTracks™ is the right tool for the job.

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In addition to maximized reimbursement, the cost-saving and time-saving features of BusTracks Software™ include:

  • Optimized bus routes using DeLorme™ map software
  • Automated subsidy reporting process using BusTracks etracks™
  • Detailed information for special needs students and multiple-district transportation
  • Optional link to BusTracks GPS PLUS™ to automatically capture bus route miles with and without riders
  • Easy installation on a desktop or laptop; does not require separate servers
  • No additional charge for monthly off-site data storage

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