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What should you be asking before buying a new transportation software system?
March 6th, 2016

What is important to your District? Have you thought about how much this decision is really going to cost your district – in time and money? It is crucial to know the answers to these questions before committing:

Must we sign a contract and will we have access to our data if we change software systems?
Our answer:
No, and yes! BusTracks® is a complete transportation management system that was designed with Pennsylvania school districts in mind. If you decide to change systems, there is no penalty, because there is no contract. The data and access rights are yours in perpetuity – so, even if you decide to stop using BusTracks in the future, your district still has access rights (and software) to use the previous year’s information for audit purposes.

This is not the case for all transportation software systems! Your data may never be fully owned by you and you may not have access to it down the road.

How much time does it take for your school staff to be up and running?
Our answer:
Most staff members have multiple jobs – it is important that the learning curve be short. BusTracks provides on-site training – proven to be more effective than remote training. We can get you up and running quickly (average time is two weeks) to be fully implemented with your children on buses.

What is your district’s return on investment?
Our answer:
BusTracks maximizes your transportation return by focusing on the details that matter for PA re-imbursement purposes. We offer a superior audit trail (recognized as a “model” by some auditors) by generating a daily audit log for every day the vehicle is on the road. A complete history (with start and end dates for each rider assignment) is maintained for past and present school years. Actual daily ridership is automatically calculated and analyzed to maximize your return using PDE’s Sample Average method. BusTracks saves time and effort by performing all submission calculations (with error checking capabilities) to electronically submit into PDE’s etran system.

How easy is it to access information at multiple workstations?
Our answer:
No individual workstation license is required (either full access or read-only). BusTracks may be installed on as many workstations as needed and (because there is no exhaustive training involved) building secretaries, contractors, etc. can access information immediately.

All this (with a nationwide map) is provided for single annual support fee. No contracts. No penalties. And, BusTracks was designed to serve Pennsylvania schools.

To see the difference BusTracks can make in your district, call us today at 1-800-303-2921 or click below to contact us about a free demo.


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